Root Canal Therapy

State-of-the-Art Root Canal Therapy

At Centre Dentaire, making you feel relaxed and comfortable is just part of what we bring. Led by Dr. Kuzina, we want to make sure you and your family get the best dental health care available. In addition, your smile care should be one that is most convenient to you. All dental treatments we do are centered to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Root Canal Therapy

When you need top-quality endodontic care and root canal therapy, you can trust us to give it to you.

At Centre Dentaire, we’ve got your covered. We offer the most advanced and comprehensive endodontic care. With our complete smile care, you don’t have to go elsewhere to look for help.


Endodontic care, also known as root canal treatment, is one of Dr. Kuzina’s specialties. While many general dentists may have to refer you elsewhere for root canal procedures, Dr. Kuzina’s credentials allow her to manage your care from start to finish, using her signature gentle touch.

Speak with Dr. Kuzina for your endodontic treatment options. Call us at (450) 314-2594 to schedule your one-on-one, personal time.